Hi 👋😀 My name is AV Paul.

Every day I use #javascript and other #technologies to find solutions to challenging problems and help businesses to grow 💸  I share knowledge, skills and ❤️ every where I can especially here on my blog 😂 At the end of the day I’m into #business, #finance, and #design.

Things I Learned 💭

Custom create-react-app webpack configuration

Hands down, Create-React-App is the best! But at one point in your development process, you need to add some custom configurations!

🕑 02 mins
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Basic security for web apps: HTTP headers👮‍♂️

Security is one of those topics most web developers don't really give much thought until we hear of a data breach! Here are some basic ideas you can use to secure your app now!

🕑 06 mins
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UI Patterns: Understanding the Basics of MVC

In the world of software development, patterns are everywhere. The Model-View-Controller is one of the widely recognized presentation patterns you should understand 👌

🕑 07 mins
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Javascript: Proposals Ready for Use

If I say that Javascript is one of those languages on fire, that would be 100% true! In the last four years, ECMA TC39 released four specifications adding new features to the language!

🕑 04 mins
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